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how our emotions seem to the deceased

Posted by Gretchen on August 10th, 2010

When we are sad our deceased loved ones see our emotion as a dark cloud or fog around us. Several deceased have said to me they cannot penetrate that darker emotion with their thoughts or love. In a recent meditation a deceased mother said that when her daughter thinks of her with love it is as if the sun comes out, and her day is clear and bright, then she can be close to her. Of course we can’t help how sad we feel when a loved one dies, but some of the time we can remember happy memories and think of them with love. Perhaps if we understood how close our loved ones are we would not be quite as sad.

mediums in the media

Posted by Gretchen on December 8th, 2009

We are all familiar with Ghost Whisperer and Medium and for the most part these shows are well done.
My gripe is they spotlight the deceased who are struggling, perhaps adding to our fear of the afterlife.
I’d like to do a show that tells it like it can be, reunited with loved ones that have already passed, having the body we liked the most to walk around in, creating good things for our self and acting as a guide to our loved ones still on earth. But this might not sell ads.

Medium bashing

Posted by Gretchen on October 9th, 2009

A friend recently sent me a series of you tube links bashing Sylvia Brown and James Van Praagh.  It made me wonder who was taking the time to do such slick psychic bashing. I don’t advertise that I guarantee my work, but I do. My mission is to work with grieving people, not folks who want to be entertained or want me to work just to prove the afterlife exists. I think it would be the worst kind of scam to take advantage of people who are grieving,  but I do reserve the right to pick and choose who I work for in the meditations.

April newsletter

Posted by Gretchen on April 23rd, 2009

Dear Friends,

On Christmas Eve my husband and I went to a friend’s house for dinner. Our host was a man who’s parents had recently died, and the other guest was an old friend- I had known both her parents before they died.

At one point, I looked at my girlfriend and said: “It is so good to see you again”, which kind of spooked her as it was out of context with the conversation. But I felt like I was seeing her for the first time,. so enhanced was my vision and so detailed and vivid was the way I was seeing her face.

Later I found myself studying the host’s hands as he cooked our next course, and that feeling of super enhanced vision of my surroundings came over me once again. It me a while to realize what was happening.

It felt similar to what I had happened at my friend Dotte’s funeral in Florida a few years ago. Several times I felt Dotte looking out my eyes, as if she was “borrowing” my eyes and ears to be with her family in a more tangible way. You could say I was channeling her, but I like to think of it as simply sharing my physical body with a deceased loved one. At one point in her reception I went up to her father, hugged him and kissed him on the cheek, looking right into his eyes and said: Dotte loved you so very much, he looked back into my/her eyes and said that he loved her as well. I think we both knew something a bit different was occurring.

Since Christmas I have been spending several days a week with my 91 yr old Dad at his home as he was in a health crisis. My mother died in that house in 2003. I always feel her there. For the past month I have been having that enhanced sensory experience again, as if I am seeing the house and watching the sunset through her eyes- or she through mine. Also, I seemed to be acutely hearing the wild bird songs.  I believe I was lending my eyes and ears to Mom.

I am finishing this letter April 4th. Yesterday was my Dad’s funeral. While I am willing to share my senses with him, he had quite a sweet tooth. Hopefully I won’t gain any weight!

Thanks and Godspeed,

PS, I’ve been told that the animals share like this, that from time to time one of my deceased horses will come into the horse I am riding to feel me once again. It is a nice thought that the pets we have lost get another chance to snuggle with us through our living pets.

Barrier between the living and the deceased getting thinner

Posted by Gretchen on February 12th, 2009

When I work with a living client one of my goals is to encourage them to be open to their deceased loved one. Validating messages, such as lights blinking, a smell associated with the deceased, finding coins or natural events such as birds, butterflies, blossoming plants is part of this.
But I can also help the living hear those whispered messages into their thoughts that come from their beloved deceased. These messages have a specific flavor or tone and are not something the living client would have had occur to them on their own. I always ask in what setting or circumstance the living “heard” the messages. Often it is when they are distracted but calm, for example when they are driving, not in heavy traffic, and alone in the car.
Recently, I was taking my puppy to the vet on his appointed day to be neutered and was thinking about my deceased friend Dotte who got me into dogs, and I changed the radio station in time to hear a song who’s refrain said: everything is going to be FINE FINE FINE. I knew it was Dotte answering me, as I was worried about my puppy. We are all psychic enough to receive messages from the deceased we have known and loved if we are open to them.