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Archive for the 'trance readings' Category

addiction and suicide

Posted by Gretchen on August 28th, 2011

I am honored to often do readings for parents who have lost their child to overdose deaths, whether intentional or not. In the world of spirit, I often find these young people healing and many times without even the vibration of the addiction in their personality.

I am aware that the way I see the children is so different from the life they led, the pain they put the family through, the pain their early and difficult transition that often feels like utter defeat. I am often aware of the shame the family feels at the way things turned out for a child that started with the same love and support as their other children had.

It can be bewildering for these parents to grasp that, in the world of spirit, their child has shed many of the dark overlays that hid the essential being of the child as it suffered and struggled in physical. It is that beautiful core person that I see and meet often in the readings. Their child has shed the sheaths of darkness that enfolded their mind.

I care so deeply about having a positive influence with the minds of the grieving parents. I can offer parents other thoughts to think about their sons and daughters. If they wish, they can hold these different images in their mind as they trudge on the – perhaps never ending- journey of grieving.

I am so grateful for any help I can extend.

how our emotions seem to the deceased

Posted by Gretchen on August 10th, 2010

When we are sad our deceased loved ones see our emotion as a dark cloud or fog around us. Several deceased have said to me they cannot penetrate that darker emotion with their thoughts or love. In a recent meditation a deceased mother said that when her daughter thinks of her with love it is as if the sun comes out, and her day is clear and bright, then she can be close to her. Of course we can’t help how sad we feel when a loved one dies, but some of the time we can remember happy memories and think of them with love. Perhaps if we understood how close our loved ones are we would not be quite as sad.

Networking with the deceased

Posted by Gretchen on March 2nd, 2010

Last fall I was asked by a mother, with a missing presumed deceased son, to work in meditation. I knew this kind woman would not sue me, but the responsibility was almost overwhelming. I prayed and prayed over this one reading. Then I got the idea to call in some helpers.

I may have mentioned Nicole in some of my letters to you. Beautiful Nicole died in an auto accident at the age of 16 a few years ago. I had also recently worked with a delightful old soul named Zack, who died young. (I have permission by both Zack’s and Nicole’s Moms to use their real names). So I asked them to help find J., the young man we were looking for.

As it turned out, J was deceased.  I found him with a friend who had also died after J did. In the meditation J was able to give his mother enough of the feeling and details of his death to ease some of her pain. His disappearance has been a terrible strain emotionally on this mother as she was not able to give up hope that he was alive somewhere and perhaps did not remember who he was.

So there we were in the meditation, Nicole, Zack, J. and his friend, all there to help this mother process the information, all there to help me deliver it. I could not, in my wildest dreams have guessed this was possible, but there we all were. I couldn’t help but wonder if once introduced, any of these young people would continue communicating, having been connected by a medium who was still alive on earth.

As fantastic as this story seems to us on earth, imagine them telling this story to their friends on the other side of the veil. I can just hear all the: you’re kidding, no way!, what B.S., …..seriously?

what are readings for?

Posted by Gretchen on February 8th, 2010

When I work in meditation, as the go between with living and deceased clients, my work is to change the energy surrounding the death event somehow for the better. I hope to soften the grief of the living, perhaps bring more self realization to the deceased….make a positive change.  I have been observing how these changes in energy take place, from even something as small as a prayer for someone, or the setting of an intention within myself that they feel better.

I recently declined a reading.  This widow and I had emailed each other several times. I did some soul searching and realized that the living client was probably not going to let me make a change in her grief.  I work with people in extreme grief all the time and I don’t know what made me so sure I could not help this woman, but I did recommend her to someone I respected nearer to her home. My prayers are that she find the right person to work with.

Remote viewing

Posted by Gretchen on January 19th, 2010

There are some readings where my living client, my deceased client and I laugh a lot. This story comes to you thanks to Carrie, who gave me the green light to tell you all about her reading which was just a few weeks ago.

Carrie lives in West Virginia and I was contacting her aunt, Helen, who transitioned in 2003. Aunt Helen was not much older than Carrie, they were more like sisters growing up.

The first thing out of Aunt Helen’s mouth addressing me was: “You’re (a psychic) hitting below the Bible belt down here.” It took me a heartbeat to figure out she was joking, I’m not used to the readings opening this way.

Then Aunt Helen showed me her fluffing up a maroon throw pillow. Not sure where this was going, I asked Carrie if there were maroon pillows in the room she was in. She replied that, yes, there were some on the couch she was sitting on. So then I knew that Aunt Helen was in Carrie’s house, in that room with her.

The meditation was moving really fast, and I struggled a bit to keep up with Aunt Helen. I started describing to Carrie the room she was sitting in. I saw that her TV was directly in front of her and window/s on either side of it. The chair that Aunt Helen was sitting in was to the left across the room.

When I do remote viewing, I might be looking through the eyes of the deceased, or I might be reading their mind visually. Or, my mental vehicle, that travels to do the readings, might be perceiving the environment the deceased is within. Quite frankly, I’m not sure exactly how this works. With some deceased clients it is relatively easy for me to see where they are and with others I don’t see the scenery as vividly. When this information does come through these are the clear details that assure the living that I am with their loved one.

I apoligized to Carrie if this remote viewing was creeping her out. Carrie replied: “no problem, it takes a lot to creep me out.”Then Helen showed me that Carrie was still in her pajamas and her robe.

To which Cathy replied: “now I am getting creeped out, that is exactly what my husband said when he left then house this morning.”
Aunt Helen chimed in: “you might have gotten dressed up for me!”

That is how this rather raucous reading began, and even though it did touch on the serious topics that Carrie wanted to discuss, Helen’s light, her personality, her energy was a delight to work with.

Helen had transitioned at a fairly young age, and even though she did not want to be deceased she was making the most of her experience. Carrie has a great guide in her aunt. Carrie was so in the spirit of this reading, of course she misses her aunt every day, but this was much more of a reunion than a healing session.

On another note:
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