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Your experiences with the deceased | “If you’re never going to die, you don’t need this book”
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Archive for the 'Your experiences with the deceased' Category

how our emotions seem to the deceased

Posted by Gretchen on August 10th, 2010

When we are sad our deceased loved ones see our emotion as a dark cloud or fog around us. Several deceased have said to me they cannot penetrate that darker emotion with their thoughts or love. In a recent meditation a deceased mother said that when her daughter thinks of her with love it is as if the sun comes out, and her day is clear and bright, then she can be close to her. Of course we can’t help how sad we feel when a loved one dies, but some of the time we can remember happy memories and think of them with love. Perhaps if we understood how close our loved ones are we would not be quite as sad.

Some don’t believe there is an afterlife

Posted by Gretchen on January 9th, 2010

Recently I had a reading with a client who wanted with all her heart to believe her mother was not just that body buried in the ground. Her deceased mother was open and communicative with me with descriptions and details. At the end of the reading I asked my client if she felt better, and she did not feel, without a doubt, that her mother still existed in spirit The last thing the mother said to her daughter in the reading was, what do I have to do, hit you over the head with a vase of daffodils? I can’t wait to hear from her daughter when this happens. Maybe then she will believe.

deceased in groups

Posted by Gretchen on October 1st, 2009

I am encountering more groups the longer I practice medium ship. Several times now I have reached teenagers who talk about being in a group learning scenario near the earth with other deceased teens, and they learn and help each other. Recently I met a deceased couple, parents of my living client, who are helping older people who die with no beliefs in the afterlife adjust and get started. It is most reassuring that there are all those on the other side of the veil that are helping.

Experiences with beloved deceased

Posted by Gretchen on June 19th, 2008

The deceased we love show us that they still exist in many ways. Electronics are easy for the deceased to manipulate, for example, lights and telephones. Many people are finding coins that have some significance in relation to their deceased loved ones. Maybe it is the economy but coin finding is becoming more common. Butterflies or birds that hover or follow may be a message for the deceased if they had a connection or affinity for that species. The deceased can enhance the blooms of a favorite flower or bush, and we may smell their perfume, pipe smoke or a baked good that reminds us of them when there is no reason that this olfactory cue would be present, for example, smelling apple pie in the car. And lastly we are with our beloved deceased in dream state and sometimes we remember these dreams. While not all dreams we have about the deceased are visits if there is an unforgettable quality to the dream, or if the dream changes the way we feel, we may well have been with them. I have a friend who’s mother draws hearts in the steam of her shower curtain, she used to hide a heart in her paintings. What are your stories, what are the experiences you’ve had that you might like validation for?