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2008 | “If you’re never going to die, you don’t need this book”
Choices In The Afterlife

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Archive for 2008

long distance reading

Posted by Gretchen on November 13th, 2008

I had the opportunity to do a reading for an Austrailian woman last month. I’ve never attempted one so far away and it went so well. Her deceased husband was clear, energized, outgoing and had a great personality. The more I do this work the more I believe that the way the deceased responded when meeting a stranger in life is the way that they will initially interact with me. So some readings are with shy people and some with friendly outgoing deceased- I never know what to expect and that is the wonderful thing about helping both the living and the deceased with my ability.

a client on the other side of the earth

Posted by Gretchen on October 16th, 2008

My first Australian reading went beautifully. Oct 14th I meditated for a woman in Australia with her deceased husband. They both had such great energy it was a joy filled reading. I have traveled great “distances” in the energy levels but I was not sure how my mental vehicle would travel across the world. It was no different from reading for people in the US.

One thing this grandfather said is that the very young children who are seeing their deceased relatives are part of an evolution in the species. These children will not see such a huge difference between being in physical and being out of physical which we now do not consider alive. (The deceased are within the circle of life until they ascend or return to God/Source.) It will be second nature to these children that death is not the great divide, and yet this thinking will help them will savor the opportunities we all have in physical.

Feedback from M. in South Carolina

Posted by Gretchen on October 2nd, 2008

This is the essence of a letter sent to me by a client. We had scheduled and re-scheduled her reading as her mother was gravely ill and M was dealing with Labor Day company and many family concerns. The telephone reading was on September 7, 2008.

“Thank you again for the reading with my Daddy (who died in 1991). I’ve been waiting to write to you because on the very day of the reading, my mother died. I returned to the hospital after talking with you. My brother left the room after I arrived to “get some air” since he has been with Mama all night. While he was gone I sat down with her. She was in a deep sleep, perhaps a coma. I told her then, with my hand on her arm, that Daddy was in the room with her and was waiting for her. I also said the other things to her that Daddy had said to tell her to get her to turn away from the living and toward him.

I told her that we (my two brothers and myself) would be all right and that we would take care of each other….that it was all right for her to go and be with Daddy. I told her how excited he was that he would see her again.  I assured her that we would miss her and love her always. I did ask that when it was my time to die that she would wait for me…and then I just sat with her. After a short time, about 10 minutes, her breathing slowed and stopped. Peaceful, and just as she always hoped it would be. I was glad for her and sad for me.

Please know that I believe that the timing of the reading with my father was extrodinary. Thank you for being there for me,


M, from Pawleys Island, SC

I enjoy meeting the deceased, odd as that may sound

Posted by Gretchen on September 7th, 2008

As the book goes out more and more people are coming to me for readings. Of course mothers who lose their children have broken hearts and these meditations are what I consider the most important work I can do. But I also connect family members where there is not the element of tragedy, conversely these are occasions for joy and laughter.

One father I recently spoke to for his daughter said to me” I have a badge now”, and he went on to explain that the deceased who have spoken to the living (through a medium) have a status up there. They have bragging rights. Of course this man could also have been pulling my leg as he had the most wonderful dry sense of humor.

a note to clients

Posted by Gretchen on July 21st, 2008

I commend my living clients for their bravery. For me, communicating with the deceased is not unusual. When I put myself into your shoes, however, I imagine it takes courage to even form the intent to communicate with a departed loved one. The three of us, my living client, the deceased and I are in real time -our mutual present and that is a powerful and emotional thing to experience. Later the audio tape can be reviewed and shared. But it must take a leap of faith for you to even ask me to do the trance work, and for that I thank my solace clients, hats off to you.