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2009 | “If you’re never going to die, you don’t need this book”
Choices In The Afterlife

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Archive for 2009

Choices In The Afterlife

Posted by Gretchen on December 31st, 2009

While I am working with grieving clients and their deceased loved ones the book has a life of its own. The French edition has been out with Dauphin BLanc for several months and I receive emails now in French. I use a translation tool to reply.
This week I had a query from a publisher in Madrid interested in the worldwide Spanish rights. And I have been shipping more than 25 books to Amazon a week since the beginning of September. Godspeed little book.

Networking with the deceased

Posted by Gretchen on December 22nd, 2009

The other day I had a reading with a missing young person. The mother had been holding out hope for 17 years that her son (J.) was still with the living. Before the reading I asked two young deceased people that I had worked with to help find my client’s son. They certainly helped and J. was fully functional and progressing in his afterlife.
This reading was a huge responsibility and I had been anxious about it, but it was gratifying to see that other deceased young people came in to help us all. Now Z. knows N., and they now also know J. and his friend who died about 4 months after he did. I will do another reading with J’s Mom so she can go out and touch the energy of her son.

Grief and the holidays

Posted by Gretchen on December 15th, 2009

As you all know, I work with people in grief all the time. It is especially hard for people who are grieving to get through the
holidays. Several people I know have lost family at this holiday time so it is the anniversary of a death instead of a cause for celebration.

Some deceased advise their living loved ones to go somewhere else for the holidays, where nothing will be the same or compare to a holiday before the loved ones death.

Another deceased woman hoped that her three daughters would get together, even though they are spread across the country. I understood that she wanted them to feel family even though they were orphans now.

One mother advised her daughter to keep focused on the living. It was as if, even in the meditation, she turned her daughter’s shoulders back to her family and asked her to focus on them instead of on her.

I don’t hear the deceased feeling like they are left out of the holidays. They are right there, and if it helps I advise clients to set a place of honor for them at the table. One Mom puts our gummy bears on the mantle for her son. Another Mom places long stem roses in her daughter’s stocking.

It is a season to honor the family no longer with us, but also to turn toward the living we still have here and love them, as well as ourselves, as best we can.

This will be my first Christmas without any parent, and it feels as if something is missing all right. But we will form different rituals this year, with friends as dear as family who also share our cheer. Perhaps Chinese food and a movie… We still have a few weeks to decide.

My best wishes to all of you

mediums in the media

Posted by Gretchen on December 8th, 2009

We are all familiar with Ghost Whisperer and Medium and for the most part these shows are well done.
My gripe is they spotlight the deceased who are struggling, perhaps adding to our fear of the afterlife.
I’d like to do a show that tells it like it can be, reunited with loved ones that have already passed, having the body we liked the most to walk around in, creating good things for our self and acting as a guide to our loved ones still on earth. But this might not sell ads.

as dead as I can ever get

Posted by Gretchen on November 27th, 2009

Once, in a meditation I was told that I was already walking the earth with the same preception as someone who was dead.  It took me a while to understand this.

I now know that reality is completely up to us to determine no matter what else is happening around us. This is exactly as it is when we are outside our physical body. We can no longer depend on what is outside of us to determine our reality. The deceased state is a completly self directed, self determined reality.

We may as well get this understanding while we are in life. There is so much more that I have learned from the deceased about life, I will be posting these for a few weeks to come.