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2011 | “If you’re never going to die, you don’t need this book”
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Archive for 2011

addiction and suicide

Posted by Gretchen on August 28th, 2011

I am honored to often do readings for parents who have lost their child to overdose deaths, whether intentional or not. In the world of spirit, I often find these young people healing and many times without even the vibration of the addiction in their personality.

I am aware that the way I see the children is so different from the life they led, the pain they put the family through, the pain their early and difficult transition that often feels like utter defeat. I am often aware of the shame the family feels at the way things turned out for a child that started with the same love and support as their other children had.

It can be bewildering for these parents to grasp that, in the world of spirit, their child has shed many of the dark overlays that hid the essential being of the child as it suffered and struggled in physical. It is that beautiful core person that I see and meet often in the readings. Their child has shed the sheaths of darkness that enfolded their mind.

I care so deeply about having a positive influence with the minds of the grieving parents. I can offer parents other thoughts to think about their sons and daughters. If they wish, they can hold these different images in their mind as they trudge on the – perhaps never ending- journey of grieving.

I am so grateful for any help I can extend.