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Book Feedback

Posted by Gretchen on February 10th, 2013

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Dear Gretchen,

I loved your book, thank you for writing it. It truly helped me understand something I sensed but knew little about. Your clear and honest style made it quite compelling. I have recommended it to a number of people and also posted a review on Amazon. The difficulty you must have faced coming to and sharing your gift is not lost on me. I look forward to the next one.


Dear Gretchen,
I had the blessing of read your book. From the first moment that I read it I was so fascinated that I finish it in less than a week. All my life, since small I was always afraid of death. That fear turned into curiosity and the curiosity into questions , now all my questions were answered. Through your book I learned to understand what happen, and most importantly I know what to do when my time comes. This book has freed my soul in spite of even being in this body. I feel free already. Just to know what is waiting for me makes me happy. The air I breath is a blessing. Life have another meaning. Your book renewed my soul. I feel so blessed and so lucky to now know this. I feel prepared and I know I have to live my days like their were the last ones. Again , thank you so much for share your knowledge with us and for those wonderful words.
God bless you and all my admiration to you.

Kind regards,
SD through FB

Thanks for writing your book Choices In The Afterlife. After my friend passed away, I’ve been reading more books than I care to think about these past few years, looking for some type of answer as to what happen to our souls when we pass. Your book was clear as to the choices we, and those we love have, and what we may face when we to pass away. Thanks again for providing some comfort and knowledge as to what happens when we pass away.

Rob Smith

Studied Theology at University of MelbourneLives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

wrote a beautiful thank you appreciating the book, I appreciate Rob’s work as well


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