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The Newly Deceased, Chapter 5

Posted by Gretchen on March 12th, 2009

The deceased feel as if they are still in a body. The deceased’s body is both an energy form that corresponded to their physical body and a holographic image they create from their memory. The deceased know they are not in their physical body, and yet they still feel and can perceive the parameters of themself.
The energy form that is their vehicle is the same size and shape as they were when they were in a physical body. But the deceased can change the age and appearance of their memory body at will. As one deceased person expressed it to me,
“We clothe ourselves with the memory of the prior body
at whatever age is desired.”
To me and to other deceased, they look like they are still in a body. I mentally see them as I would a three-dimensional slide projection.
I call this image their memory body.

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