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Choices Publishing

Posted by Gretchen on March 12th, 2009

Choices Publishing Company

Mission Statement:

Choices Publishing produces Gretchen Vogel’s books on secular spiritualism. Choices Publishing endeavors to print beautiful books that use simple accessible language to explore basic spiritual truths.

Publishers message:

While mystery will always exist in order to keep us striving to understand our relationship with God/Source, there are many truths that are now revealed, able to be understood and integrated into our thinking. This knowledge can and will change the way we live.

snapshot of GIt doesn’t matter whether we practice an organized religion, have turned away from religious practices or declare ourself an atheist. None of this changes the fact that we are and have at our core: spirit. Spirit is a common word for the God/Source energy that is a component of all existence. Mind is yet another component of our self knowing-ness because of our species choice. Mind and spirit are entwined with the physical body. The human species is just now beginning to understand the energy dances that take place between spirit, mind and physical body and the vast potential we have as a result of these combined energies.

Please contact us for distribution opportunities at:

National Distribution also through:

New Leaf Distributing Co., 401 Thronton Rd, Lithia Springs, GA 30122, 770-948-7845,

Our play list:

Choices in the Afterlife is the first of a trilogy of books which will span the entire circle of life, the afterlife, and our pre-birth focus.

The next book in the trilogy, Choices in Light (registered isbn#0-9766779-1-1) will explore living life from the inside out. This book will look at the processes of self realization, assimilation, healing and progression as applied to our physical stage of experience. The theme of this book will be the two polarities of good and evil.

The third book, Choices Before Life (registered isbn # 0-9766779-2-X) will look at our complete journey out from God/Source, leaving God/Source as a simple intent and eventually becoming self knowing enough to express our God/Source given intent. This book will depict the choice levels as we wave all the way into this density of manifestation.

These three books will be authored by Gretchen Vogel who has sought knowledge using her medium and channeling abilities for several decades because she simply wanted to know how things worked.

You may write us at:

Choices Publishing
PO Box 222
Keene, NH 03431
phone: 603-209-1032
fax: 866-519-5375

and email us at:
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