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Solace Feedback

Posted by Gretchen on January 7th, 2013

 Dear Gretchen,
Just finished listening to the cd for the first time.
I do feel better knowing that mom is alright now.  You got so many
little details.
Thank you again for giving me this gift! S, NH


I felt very loved and cared for during the reading you did for me earlier in the month, something that I felt was coming from you. CJ NH


Gretchen, I just want to thank you again for the reading you did for my sister and I on Sunday. I don’t really know how to express my appreciation. It was incredibly generous of you to spend that much time with us. I can’t thank you enough.

When I mentioned that your blog was in among my emails from K., it was because I wondered if it was possible that K. somehow orchestrated that. Maybe I did it and didn’t remember…..but I’m SO GLAD it was there. Otherwise I wouldn’t have known you were doing readings. I was led to you somehow, and for that I’m most grateful. LL, NH


You are like no other medium!  So intimate and

deep…so present, so REAL!!!

Thank you for sharing your incredible gift with us!!!



Thank you so much Gretchen! It was such a blessing having you bring D. & I back together! I’ve already listened to the whole audio tape again. My spirit feels renewed. Whenever I get to where I can’t stop crying again I will listen to it over & over again!!!

I can’t thank you enough. And I pray and thank God for giving you this special gift.

I’ve already told quite a few people about your book, and you may even get people wanting readings as well. :-)

You were such a help to me today!!!! Please keep in touch. I hope D. will let you rest, he is a talker. Haha.

With love, Kathy


Hello-You were great and the day was perfect.  Thank you so much for your help.  I had a great meditation today and went to the place we talked about that B said would be a good way to communicate with him.  It was very powerful. I look forward to working with you again Gretchen.  Much love and light to you.

S from CA


Thank you so much Gretchen! It was such a blessing having you bring D. & I back together! I’ve already listened to the whole audio tape again. My spirit feels renewed. Whenever I get to where I can’t stop crying again I will listen to it over & over again!!!

I can’t thank you enough. And I pray and thank God for giving you this special gift.

I’ve already told quite a few people about your book, and you may even get people wanting readings as well. :-)

You were such a help to me today!!!! Please keep in touch. I hope D. will let you rest, he is a talker. Haha.

With love, K in GA

The best thing I got out of our reading…is hope. My Dad gave me hope, L. gave me great advice, and J. gave me love. And you delivered the messages. If you don’t think you’re changing lives, you need to think again. :)
Love, light and hugs! K, MN

I sent the meditation we did Sunday to both my mom and sister and they really enjoyed it. Mom was able to fill in the blanks on a few things I didn’t understand and she really was amazed. She definitely felt you had my dad – she laughed throughout – recognizing his sense of humor and the connections he made for us.

Again, Thank you!!! It was my sincere pleasure talking with you
 and having you take me through this extraordinary experience.
M, NJ 

Hi Gretchen,
Thank you so much for an insightful and amazing reading 
with my grandmother. 
You are truly gifted with such a sweet soul.
ML, Toronto Canada 

I listed to the recording of the reading twice last night
 and this morning.
No words for such truth from my Dad and your 
and focus in this session on on this subject. No words.....
Your focus on this work and on my was/is laser sharp
again I have no words to thank you adequately
B, Philly

Dear Gretchen,
T and I would like to thank you again for the reading
you provided with K last Sunday.
It is hard to describe the peace you have provided for us,
especially for me.
Your gift is to us was definitely a great honor.
We also appreciate the email you sent to K's brother,
he shared the beauty of your response with us.
With Appreciation and respect,
FS Kansas

Hi Gretchen,
Thanks you again for doing our reading with Cole (4 years old) yesterday, 
It is a great comfort to hear he is happy and well taken care of.
We are still seeing different things from the reading that are leaving us speechless. 
Thank you again for helping us through this tragedy, we hope to keep in touch.

I am impressed by your accuracy, although I am not surprised by it,
Gordon Phinn, Toronto Canada, author of 

Gretchen, Angel!
Thank you so much for another amazing reading!  And I am sure Mark enjoys
our visits!  You have a rare gift Gretchen.  You give such in depth
readings--not like any other medium!  I do not go to many other mediums but
I have witnessed enough to know your gift is truly rare--maybe because you
are so pure in heart and soul.
Also, whenever I didn't understand or acknowledge a message in your
reading--later I realized the meaning--so amazing!  I always wanted to tell
you that.
A. N. Ill

Hi Gretchen,
Great news, I found the cranberry glass necklace my mother was talking about.
Now I know she is with me, I see her in me and in my daughter. Thank you again 
for the spiritual healing session.


I read back over my notes from your reading last night. I know you don’t remember what you tell me due to being in a trance like state but really wanted to find out about this cameo pin that kept coming to you last year and again last night. Soooooo I asked my mom, Jane, without telling her why I wanted to know. Jane doesn’t believe in readings. She is a fundamental Baptist God love her. Any hoot, you were right! My great-grandmother wore an oval cameo pin with little raised edges on her blouses all the time! Now I know! Annnnnd when you were telling me Helen was telling you about her grandson’s having a nite lite in their bedroom that was shaped like a globe you were right about that too! I called the grandchildrens mom tonite and just asked about the nite lite without telling her at first about you and I. She told me she bought them a moon nite lite for Christmas. So you can imagine when I told her why I asked she FREAKED OUT! She is ordering your book. I gave her your website address as well. you were telling me that there was a female relative around me from a different time period that was showing you postcards almost like pictures of them lined up in an album and I’m like no doesn’t ring a bell. So I am asking my mom all these crazy random questions today about your reading and I when I asked about the postcards and KEEP IN MIND I NEVER knew about them, she told me my great-great aunt Florence collected them from her travels especially in one location and put them in an old album. Mom said the album is downstairs in the rec room on one of her bookshelves!! Freak out time! I can’t wait to look at it! I didn’t know this woman though so I don’t know why she’d want to hang around me. I have seen antique pictures of her though and I remember mom telling me she was eccentric so that’s probably why Flo was hanging out with me. I want you to know how very grateful I was that you would choose me to read for. I am fortunate and appreciate you.

Carrie, WV


Thank you so much for agreeing to talk with ___. I think I need that so much. I have gone over the tapes again and again….it helps me a great deal. Solace…indeed.

Mary, WA


I have had such a sense of peace since our reading. And I feel him even closer, if it’s possible. Thank you so much. :)

K, Wi


I am not sure how or why you were given this wonderful gift but I am glad you use it to help Mom’s like me who can’t make much sense
as to why their son’s die from suicide.

CG, Il


You have made such an impact on my life and have helped me in ways that no one really could. I just think you are so incredible.

VM in NH



A in IL


Dear Gretchen,

Thank you so much for your gifting over the past couple of weekd, helping me to deepen the connection between me and my beloved J, We both want to thanks you from the bottom of our hearts for the comfort and solace you provided us. It was an awesome experience wonder-FULL.

S, in VT


Yes, I received the tape. You are a wonder.
I will accept all these gifts from Spirit and the gift of YOU.
It is all so humbling and beyond language.
B. in PA
I’m sure it happens often for you with meditations – but I was left with such peace afterwards. It is a beautiful feeling and a place I can now return to often.
With love and blessings -
C. in FL

Hello Gretchen! First off, let me reiterate just how much I enjoyed working with you …. it was wonderful !! We have people lining up to
> get to know you (family & friends) … so get ready !!! I know (my cousin)
> E. thoroughly enjoyed it. We’ll BOTH be back!!
p, in NH

Deep thankfuness in me for a very healing encounter. Gretchen, I thank you out of the depth of my heart. The last months have been tough but I also have received much help from Spirit and from friends here. Stumbling “by chance” over your book was one of the helps :-)
C- Switzerland

Gretchen, I feel so wonderful after the reading, and I’m delighting in the connection that we made. I’m so grateful.
I keep thinking about my mother and her wonderful cakes. Thank you so much for your comforting and healing words.
It was so wonderful for me to meet with P. today. Thank you for being there for us. I know that he is with me but I need his feedback. I want you to know I feel good, AT PEACE, like i use to feel when we were together. I called his daughter as he suggested and said he had a message for her, she burst into tears and said how she wished her father was still here so she could talk to him about her health (P was a DR in physical). thanks you for being there for me and everybody else you help,
Love and Kisses,
Dear Gretchen,
Thank you so very much for sharing your gift with my dear husband and I. I listened to the tape today and gained another insight into our session. By mapping out the deceased experience in your work you have enabled me to see life and life’s purpose more clearly. I have renewed my intent and spiritual focus now and hope to have a past life regression to get clear on my purpose here. I feel I want to purify as much as possible through yoga, meditation and yoga nidra.

Bless you, dear Gretchen, for the work you do!  There are no words to adequately express how much your special gifts help those of us who seek to have a better understanding of the spiritual realm, especially after we have “lost” our loved ones.  I know that the sessions I have spent with you, connecting with Mother and Daddy, have made a huge difference in my life, and I am forever grateful!


Hi Gretchen,
I was going to email you and tell you what a DELIGHT you are and what a remarkable reading youilt did on Helen. I can’t tell you how much better I felt. The guilt just lifted and I know I smiled the rest of the day into the night! Here’s a funny thing . . . Helen’s son, the one with the drug problem came to church Sunday! I had not been there in ions!! Plus, I have a bottle of Helen’s perfume tucked away that I’ve never worn. Something told me to wear it to church. I had to wipe the dust off of it and run hot water until the nozzle to get it to spray. He could smell Helen. I think it freaked him out in a good way. He started to cry.
Sure! You can use our reading in your newsletter. You can use my real name if you like. Not a problem.
Have a blessed week! Your friend, C.
Hello Gretchen: (I just used the first letter of the names to protect their privacy)
My name is G E, husband of C. I just wanted to say thank you very much for the reading you gave my wife yesterday. Since the reading, she has been on “cloud 9″ because she has communicated with her father again. You really changed her future outlook and she is not feeling sad anymore. From what she has told me, you really have quite a gift, thank you for assisting a complete stranger! You really do make a difference. God Bless.
Dear Gretchen,
Thank you for connecting me with my Mother yesterday. It meant a great deal to me to know that she is happy
and with her parents again, and that she supported our decision to involve hospice. I like your energy, and am
pleased that you are connected (with my deceased loved ones). I look forward to working with you again.
S, Mass

I was so happy to be able to help this very young woman in her grief as her boyfriend (of 4 years) died out of state. I worked with her several times gratis and she is remarkably spiritual herself.
Even though you know this im going to tell you that one of the greatest things about your gift is being able to believe in the afterlife and KNOWING that it exist because alot of people go through life holding onto there grief because they dont have enough proof infront of them that the afterlife exists. I know i would of been one of those people if it wasnt for you. Just know that your strength is helping so many people in life and afterlife be at peace and get the help they need. Your my hero, even though i know you probably dont look at yourself like one.But you dont need to save a person from a burning building to be a hero, you just need to care about others just as much if not more then yourself. I’ll be praying for you. yours truley, M / NH

this was a reading with a friend of my living client who died overseas.
One of John’s gifts to me, I realized after the meditation with you, was
proof of Life after Death with the mention of the belt buckle. It blew
the cover off my skepticism. What a wonderful gift! What’s next????? I
can hardly wait!!!!!
Dear Gretchen,
Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed my reading yesterday. It was comforting to communicate with my loved ones. Thank you so much. I wish you the best and God bless you.
H. M., NV


I have to tell you, my mom listened to the tape you sent me from your visit (a reading) with my Grandmother Alice. I know you said she was getting frustrated with you. However, you kept eluding to 76 throughout the tape and didn’t know what it meant. We have all tried to figure it out since then. My Mom is going to be 75, my Dad is 76 and going to be 77 tomorrow. My parents were going out to lunch today and my Mom says to my Dad, maybe it has something to do with your birthday. May Dad said why the hell would your mother care about my birthday. Then Dad says, when were your parents Married? 1933!!! June of this year would have been their 76th Anniversary.

Grethen, I imagine my grandmother is laughing her kista off right now. Finally, they figured it out. I know thats what she was trying to tell you. I can hear her trying to tell you after she was talking to you about being back together with my Grandfather. I know she would have told you that “this june would have been 76 years”.

As each of us listen to the tape we remember things and it all makes sense. The colors, pinks and Peach. My sister Jiffy said, what color was the kitchen? It was a Peach tone. all the cabinets and woodwork had a peach tone to them. I was like Oh Yeah!!! And I owned the house. Funny how we sometimes look right over the simple things.

Life is becoming so amazing for me. So many wonderful things are happening. I am “Awakening” and I know that my grandmother is helping to guide me on this journey. She is an amazing woman. I have learned so much more about her this week from my Mom. It has been wonderful to hear all the stories and awesome to talk and spend time with my mom.

Thank you!!! I have not received you lastest e-mail. I would very much like to be on your mailing list.

Talk to you soon.


Although the reading was requested with the deceased parents, her deceased dog came as well.

It was so wonderful to feel the contact with my parents through you. You had identified them so well by what you felt from them. It helped me to know that they are happy and that we will all be together again some day. I guess I was still mourning my big black dog, Max, and so, Max came through first and had so much to tell me. I sure needed that, too.
That was a blessing! I missed him so much and what you told me was nothing that you could have guessed or known… he was showing you and you then told me. One thing that puzzled me was the small green tiled place near water. This morning when I was shaking out the doggie bed that he slept on, I realized it had a pattern like small green tiles and that his water bowl was very close to it. I think Max was trying to tell you about his life here and what was his. The fact that he is still here with us has helped me more than you know! Thank you so much. I felt peace with my parents and now I feel peace with Max, too.
Washington State

This reading was for a woman who’s brother died over two decades ago.

Gretchen, I appreciate from the bottom of my heart (and soul!) that you arranged a reunion with my deceased brother.  It felt like a dream while it was happening.  There were some phrases that you used when you relayed his comments that made me feel sure it was him.  (fyi:  the cursing!).  My brother did love dogs and also the unique memory he relayed to identify himself was correct.  There were several things from the time of his passing that had been unresolved for me for a very long time, and I was able to receive closure on them.  He and I were not able to have any final conversations because of the nature of his death, and now I have had those final conversations.  His answers were very consoling and healing for me. None of that would have been possible if someone had just “speculated” what he would have said.  He was saying it!  It warmed and comforted me to know that he is in the City of Lights and not earthbound and in need of Soul Rescue.  It would have been the logical choice for our grandmother to greet him and I am so glad to hear that she whisked him away to a higher place.  I am taking my brother’s advice, ala your transmission, to peel away the layers of sadness I have carried around with me and I feel my energy getting lighter and brighter.

When you were not in trance, you gave me amazing counsel on how to proceed with conversations with my child regarding the uncle they never knew.  (I’m leaving gender vague for privacy.)  You were emphatic about this and your reasons made complete sense to me.

Wishing you the best always….and God’s abundant blessings.  I hope we can keep in touch.  Jane, Florida


This letter is from a friend of a client I read for in Australia

Dear Gretchen,
Today I went for a beautiful walk with my good friend Terri who you helped some months ago.Terri explained that it was the first time you had done work with someone in Australia.Gretchen I really just wanted to thank you for what you did.I had not seen Terri for quite some time as we live quite a distance from each other now.I knew immediately that something was different about her,apart from looking as beautiful as she always does she seemd so very grounded,at peace and confident.She is a wonderful person whom I respect and love and seeing her so happy today was the best christmas gift I could possibly have, and this has a great deal to do with the work you have done  so again thanyou very much.
Terri said you had to have an operation so I wish you a speedy recovery and all thats wonderful for 2009,
Warm regards,
Judy (Sydney Australia)


This is the client I read for with her deceased husband.

Dear Gretchen,

Thank you does not seem enough for the wonderful gift you gave me andm continue to give others. I really feel confident enough now to proceed forward in life and do some things that I feel are what I am here to do (since my husband died). We met when we were 19 years old and I have to say it has been a 44 year adventure. I’m sure you abilities are and emotional and mental drain on you sometimes, however I would like you to know the difference you have made in my life and I am sure to many others.

Terri, NSW, Australia


This reading was for a mother who’s teenage son died in an auto accident.

Dear Gretchen,

Thank you so much, I have some peace of mind now. I have always felt like he was right here with me. I’ve heard Aaron say all along that he was OK and not to worry and what you had to say validated that. You were so right on about the whole description of Aaron’s being and my bedroom and the decorations on the tree. I am so grateful for taking to you and Aaron that removing the cross from the accident site now will not be as traumatic as I thought. You are so wonderful!

Tammy, VT


I did a reading for this client with her deceased father, and a few months later, as her mother lay dying in the hospital, we did another reading with her (deceased) father.
Dear Gretchen,
On the very day of our second reading my mother died. I returned to the hospital after our reading. My brother left the room to get some air. I sat down beside her on the bed. She was in a deep deep coma. I told her then with my hand on her arm that Daddy was in the room with us and was waiting for her. (She probably knew this already) I told her the things that Daddy said in our reading to tell her, that we would all take care of each other now …that it was alright for her to go with Daddy. I told her that he was so excited to be with her. I assured her that we would all miss her and love her always. I did ask that when it was my time to die that she would come for me and then I just waited with her. After a short time (10 minutes?) her breathing slowed and stopped. Peaceful and just as she always hoped it would be. I was so glad for her and so sad for me.
Please know that I believe the timing of the reading with my father was extraordinary. Thank you for being there for me.
Molly, NC

Another interesting message from Molly’s father had to do with one of his grand daughters that lives in China. He said that his grand daughter sees him and they blow each other kisses. He described a toy that she plays on in a play ground near her home and all of us were pretty amazed when we got a photo of the “red dome”. We’re all looking forward to the next reading with Molly’s mother. I get to meet the most wonderful people!
I thank God that this ability permits me to meet such beautiful people as Lisa, Les and Nicole. Lisa wrote me of the heartbreak of their loss of Nicole two years ago. We scheduled the first of several readings and my love and admiration for this family just grows and grows. I was doing a book signing in a Barnes and Noble near where they live and Lisa’s letter refers to this meeting.

Dear Gretchen,
I can not put into words what it meant to meet you.
You have given me so much hope and faith. I know Nicole will be with
me and I treasure hearing it to confirm it. Your hug was warm and I
did want to let you go, but I thought it would be kind of weird. I
know she was there, I know she been with me close all weekend, she’s
been my support and strength, which I need so badly right now. Your
presentation was great, everyone I knew enjoyed talking and meeting
with you.
I can not put into words what it meant to meet you.
You have given me so much hope and faith. I know my daughter will be with
me and I treasure hearing it to confirm it. Your hug was warm and I
did want to let you go, but I thought it would be kind of weird. I
know she was there, I know she been with me close all weekend, she’s
been my support and strength, which I need so badly right now. Your
presentation was great, everyone I knew enjoyed talking and meeting
with you.
I listened to the tape yesterday after spending most of my day
in bed. I convinced myself that it’s o.k. to have a hard day and just
chill. Listening to the tape made me cry and laugh and the tape gives me some reassurance of
Nicole being. I’m still not letting go, (my issues) of wanting to know
if I hurt her or if she needs my help, regardless of the pain it might
cause me. I’m her Mother and want to help her regardless of what I’m
going through. I treasure hearing from you.
My best to you and my thanks, love,
Lisa, NH
We have had several more readings since this letter and Lisa says she is starting to turn a corner in her grief-
This note from Chris refers to three readings I did, one was for her with her Dad, one was with a friend of hers who lost a young adult son, and the reading for her friend Arline.
Dear Gretchen
I did see Arline last night and we talked a lot about the tape. All in all she was very happy with the tape but I think she doesn’t want to admit that she believes. She was very impressed with the fact that you mentioned him with a crew cut and light hair and the fact that you mentioned the nickname that he called her. Another thing was the African violet and how Joe wanted to knock it over to show her he was there but he didn’t want to make her mad. She said he used to knock them over once in a while when he wasn’t getting around so good and she did get a little mad and would make him get out the vacuum and clean up the dirt.Like I told Arline, I am so impressed with your ability to do this. I just love talking with other people who have had you work for them. What you did for my friend G. N. was just outstanding. And, of course, what you did for me and my Dad was the best !!!!!!!
Hugs, Chris NH

Thanks for your encouraging words and thoughts, Gretchen! I am doing
better and making some progress in my stages of grief. I do so
appreciate your helpful thoughts. I have finished reading the Louise
Hays book – You can Heal Your Life – and am working on a couple of the
Abraham-Hicks books now.
I am beginning to dream with my parents and remembering the dreams, as mother said I would.
I will work on letting go of any resistance I have, I promise.
I have listened to your tape of our visit with Mom a couple of times and
it really does bring me comfort – I do so look forward to connecting
with her and Daddy in my dreams!!

Bless you for the wonderful gift you have to share with others like me!
I hope your New Year is filled with warmth, love and happiness! I feel
honored that you tried your new software on an email to me!

I look forward to reading your new book when it is finished and will
definitely be in contact with you again some months down the road.
Thanks again, Gretchen, from the bottom of my heart!
Thanks again -You are awesome!
Jennifer, KS