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Posted by Gretchen on January 2nd, 2014



My work as a psychic medium started in the early 1980s. My mission was to validate a continuing relationship in the present with a loved one who is in the world of spirit and hopefully, move clients to a different place in the journey that is grief.

My work has always been only help the actively and acutely grieving. At times, I am asked to read under the guise of grief for clients who have different agendas. I do not and will not influence client’s  karma by giving advice and this is an exhausting situation to be placed in. There are many other gifted people, such as Tarot Readers who can help with karmic direction and advice.

I am so discouraged by the expectations of clients for personal advice that I have decided to hang up my shingle and to stop doing readings. I do not know if I will resume mediumship.  At this point in my life, I am incredibly interested in life and healing in life, currently working on my next book Choices In Light.

If you have further questions, please write to me at:

A historical perspective:

In 2009 my readings took on a new and interesting form. This began with a deceased teenage girl, Nicole and her mother, my living client. We had done several readings together and then Nicole stonewalled me- she asked me to bring her mother “out” so she could be with her instead of me. The very next meditation I led the mother in a visualization and she was easily able to change her focus and be with Nicole mentally and spiritually and had as much of a tangible experience as possible with her daughter. It was a joyful reunion and now the mother does not even need me anymore to access Nicole in conscious communication.

I have evolved and adapted this form now with all my living clients, staying flexible so that if the deceased cannot intersect with the living client’s thought projection I can take over. I act as the guide, energizing agent, protector and still the translator as many living clients are not accustomed to “hearing” with their mind.

But this form gives my clients the most tangible interaction in real time, so is more satisfying. The other benefit is that they will get a real feel for what it is like when we are out of physical body and so know how being in the afterlife will feel when they get there.

In this form of meditation I begin with some visualizations to raise the energy level of the client and focus them in the NOW, then what seems like, in their imagination, we create a setting for the deceased to enter. I am flexible at this point, I can easily “read” how well this is working and many living clients are sad that they cannot “hear” the deceased- but I can so I translate. Hearing in the meditations is more knowing the thought that the other is thinking than an audio event. But my living clients can often see the deceased well and describe clothes, movements, objects that are presented etc.

I always give the deceased the platform first, they know what you want to know. After a bit my living client can ask questions that have not been covered already.

I will be recording both sides of the conversation. The comments from the living are on the audio tape as well as my impressions from the deceased.

You, my living client, provide not only the focal point for the the chosen deceased, but often the deceased person is near you, even within your physical space- in the same room with you. Having the living loved one participating helps energize and provide some initial guidance for the reading.

If you have never had any kind of trance reading before, you may not know that this is a fluid and creative process you are participating in. If you have fixed expectation for the reading try to set them aside. Please see this reading like a visit with your beloved deceased. When we are visited by a friends or family, for example, we don’t have rules for how the visit has to play out. The deceased know what it is you are concerned with, but they may also protect the living from knowledge that would only cause more suffering.

It is best if you are in a comfortable place, free of distractions, with tissues and a glass of water/tea etc..

It is the deceased that are really the only ones in control what goes on. I never know, and could never predict what is going to happen but it is always emotional and gratifying for both the living and for the deceased.

Also, I have to assign words to what the deceased are trying to tell me, sometimes the words I pick get in the way. One of my other clients recently told me she is still finding things months later in the meditation with her son being validated by her son’s friends. If she had jumped in and said no no no (because of things she was as yet unaware of) it would have distracted me too much from my trance, and that information might have been blocked. Please don’t get fixated on words I choose to describe or communicate to the living what I see with the judgment of correctness or incorrectness, the meaning will become clear as you review the recording

Please view your reading as a GIFT, a gift of a visit you are giving yourself with your deceased loved one. Neither one of us can dictate what will happen and that is one of the beautiful things. In this new form it is profoundly emotional for you.

Don’t forget I am a stranger to them so many will not share their family secrets with me, some deceased are shy with me, other understand what a unique opportunity to communicate this really is. They have to concentrate to communicate with me as well and some deceased are better at this than others. Every deceased is as shy or outgoing as they were in life, how they were meeting NEW people in their life may dictate how they respond in this situation.

This is a pretty intimate thing we will be doing, linking us all emotionally for a while. It is natural for living to want to and need to talk and share with me things they loved about the deceased person, and we may or may not have time for a lot of sharing the day of the reading. My living clients are pretty wiped out emotionally after an hour or so, this is natural. I endeavor to keep our time to between an hour and an hour and a half, and always clients can email me later when they have listened to the tape.

While we are doing the reading or trance meditations all of us, the living client, the deceased and myself, are utterly in our present, our NOW together and that in itself can be a healing thing.