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Choices In The Afterlife

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Posted by Gretchen on January 31st, 2013

Choices In The Afterlife

by Gretchen Vogel, Keene, NH


The good news about our afterlife is we do not become different people after we die. The bad news about our afterlife is we do not become different people after we die. Death is not the ticket to enlightenment. Enlightenment happens in life if it is to happen at all.

We begin our afterlife with the core of self awareness, personality and memories we had when we died. This may include, for example, our sense of humor, our ability to observe and manage thoughts, our level of knowledge, our emotional coping mechanisms and spiritual beliefs or traditions. Unfortunately, we also bring with us the core misconceptions, self destructiveness, ignorance and emotional baggage that we fostered through our actions, or, that we never healed in life.

Everyone has a different afterlife because everyone brings a unique perspective. Our afterlife reality is subjective, largely created by us and viewed through our personal filters, as was our physical life. There is also -always- in the afterlife, the same opportunity for learning as we had in life. There never was, or will be, any judgment after death except for the constraints or handicaps we placed upon ourselves by our attitudes, thoughts emotions and the beliefs we bring with us. The afterlife can be so similar to life sometimes it takes a while to even realize we have died.

After more than three decades of medium work and trance channeling I was able to distill  the afterlife in terms of four processes we will all participate in to:

  • self realization
  • assimilation
  • healing
  • progression

I also became able to describe the ever increasingly energized levels of experience where we can choose to inhabit using our lighter or less dense emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as vehicles for self consciousness in the eternal present. I had a passion to describe our future experience without the myths and metaphors in a way that everyone could understand.

The result is my book, Choices In The Afterlife. My book is meant to ease my readers fears about what we each may choose to do after death. I hope my book is also a comfort to those of you who have lost a loved one. May it ease your grief.

Thank you for your interest in my work,



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