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About My Journey

I experienced such incredible bliss outside in nature when I was a child. I perceived the trees, plants, rocks, and water as light. Everything, including me, seemed to be made of the same energy that it felt like the highest expression of LOVE. And in some ways, my life's work has been to understand these experiences.

In my early 30s, several people close to me died. When I prayed for them, they sometimes seemed to be communicating with me through my imagination… until they told me things I couldn't have known or prophesied events that later came true.


Eventually I started to meditate privately for grieving friends. Healing happened and grief was eased. In time, I began a public practice that has lasted for many decades and helped people all over the world.

Then something else occurred to me. If I could find complete strangers in the world of spirit, could I contact others? I began to have lovely meditations with people I admired. The more I heard from the deceased, the more questions I had. So I started to simply ask questions. Sometimes the answers seemed to come from figureheads representing the information; other times I saw in my mind's eye a lecture hall, or an alcove of a vast library.


I now have over 1,000 pages of transcripts from over four decades of channeling and feel compelled to share what I have received. 

May you find peace and happiness within my work.

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