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Gert Venghaus (1951-2022)

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I am deeply grateful for Gert's energy and diligent work in realizing the deep sense and meaning of Choices in the Afterlife when translating it into German. Special thanks also for his chapter photography that support the respective text.

After more than a decade working in intensive and emergency medicine, Gert turned to international disaster relief and development work and spent over six years in East Africa, a few years at the international headquarters of his organization in Geneva, and over a decade in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. His last disaster relief position was the global coordination of the relief programs for victims of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami disaster.

Gert practiced Theravada Buddhism for 30 years, meditating daily. He taught guided meditation and for the past decade was also a Reiki Master.

His many years of working with the terminally ill, severely injured, and the dying, his own experiences, and his determination to help relieve one’s fear of death inspired his interest in the afterlife. 

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