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Our Relationship with the Sun

In a recent meditation I asked what our relationship was with our sun. I was told that the sun is self-aware, and is the mother of all the planets, moons, astroids, etc in our solar system. Humanity is also an expression of sunlight.

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Carola Galvis
Carola Galvis
Oct 10, 2022

Thank you, dear Gretchen! I love your blog and your experiences with the Sun. I have been meditating with the Sun for quite a while now, even before seeing you on Jeff Mara's Podcast, and have had wonderful, personal experiences, as if it's acknowledging me! A couple of days ago, I asked for healing for a relative and for myself and after detailing our symptoms, I heard this clear male voice in my mind: "Is that all?" I think God has a great sense of humor; it made me laugh out loud! Love, Carolina

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